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About Us

beyond bathing swimwear co-founders velvet haney and rachel manley
From left: Co-Founders Velvet Haney and Rachel Manley

Welcome to Beyond Bathing Swimwear! We are a Canadian company built on friendship and family. Co-founders, and best friends, Velvet Haney and Rachel Manley originally crafted the line, not for the public, but for themselves, to embrace the summer sun in its entirety. 

It all began in 2016 when they were lamenting the summer ahead - they dreaded putting on a swimsuit and could never relax or be themselves in the traditional one- or two-piece swimwear currently available on the market. That's when the kernel of an idea started to germinate. 

Velvet and Rachel jumped to fill the market gap for comfortable, functional bathing suits. Something was very empowering about it. 

Since launching, Beyond Bathing Swimwear has transformed into a movement and community of grateful women embracing the freedom of a life well-lived, reignited through functional, flattering, and fun swimwear.

Beyond Bathing Swimwear is now run by Velvet, Rachel, and Velvet's daughter Garlande Haney. If you have a question for BB, guaranteed it's one of us behind the scenes! We pride ourselves on fostering a community of incredible women - welcome to BB!

Beyond Bathing Swimwear Co-Founders, Velvet Haney and Garlande Haney Beyond Bathing Swimwear Co-Founders Velvet Haney and Rachel Manley